About us

About us

Mission : To be recognized as Best Strategic IT sourcing company
for Small and Medium Enterprises

We at Sagacity Software focus on providing excellent and quality services to our customers, paving way for a long term, beneficial relationship. We endeavor to associate and work closely with our clients to understand their needs and serve them better. We carefully design the processes within the purview of our technical capability and in accordance to our clients needs. We strongly believe in nurturing our customers and growing along with them.

Sagacity Values

  • Stay committed, Commitment buys Credibility

  • Explore, Unknown is exciting

  • Document, it makes life easier

  • Target problem not people

  • Craft future by continuous learning

  • Keep Informed, Be Informed

  • Nurture Relationships, it brings business

  • Excuse Complain, Fix Cause

We believe that with a right attitude it is possible to learn anything and everything. We at Sagacity Software always appreciate and welcome people having the right attitude. It is our experience and a practice that we follow; we do not hesitate to give the right advice to our customers in fear of losing business. We continuously analyze ourselves within our team and focus on satisfaction of customers as well as our employees.

We prefer habit over motivation. We focus mainly on understanding both, our clients and their customer needs. We analyze the requirements and the objectives to be achieved with our services and products, so that we can design better systems which serve the needs of our clients as well as their customers. Our clients get dual benefits; one due to business processes improvement and other on account of their customer’s satisfaction.

Team at Sagacity Software is passionate about their work and projects. We collaborate with our clients, work with them closely, become a part of their organization to understand the challenges and hindrances of their business and find solutions for the same. Our passion is highly contagious and is positively transferred to our clients or employee, project or product, IT or consulting, local or international region, Application development or Business process.

We, at Sagacity Software endeavour to achieve customer satisfaction, loyalty and trust by providing consultation and services which are necessary for the client, are cost effective and help client achieve his business goals. Our endeavour to –