Case Studies

Case Studies

July 8, 2016

How we turned Travelling from being outdoors and brought it online on your screens.

We at Sagacity Software had a great opportunity of working on an interesting project where we had to create an online presence for our client. The client required an online store front to sell his services to customers and capitalize on the benefits e-presence has to offer. We used “Shopify” to set up the e-commerce portal. Shopify was leveraged well to execute the task. In the process our team could get good hands - on experience with the nitty-gritties of Shopify. The online portal was set up sequence by sequence and could be executed within a narrow time frame.
July 5, 2016

Organising, Leading, Energizing and Highly Performing Innovative Solutions

The Client was delighted with the size, scope and the focus of the program handled by the support team of Sagacity Softwares. The program was unprecedented for an alternative service provider and extremely challenging for the client to handle without the proper assistance from the support team of Sagacity Softwares. The R & D Staff of the client was facing problems while managing support activities. New developments and new enhancements were somehow overlooked due to the diversity and volume of work involved. We have now set up a technical support team to look into all support activities of the client. This has helped the client to concentrate on their R & D as well as manage all the support activities effectively and efficiently.
July 5, 2016

P&L Application TMF Guideline Implementation

A pioneer project which is based on TMF Frameworks guideline, with increased focus on system integration in BSS/OSS. Our client required a standardized interface in order to secure revenue and ensure a competitive advantage. We at Sagacity Softwares have developed and implemented E-PnL platform which is NGOSS compatible solution framework following e-Tom 8.0, SID model and integration framework principles and employing TMF standards for internal and external communications. The package provides integration toolset as well as order handling, configurable resource management, supplier management processes and capabilities for both billing and P&L calculations.
July 5, 2016

Bringing Scattered Data to One Platform Ease of Making Decision

The purpose of this project was to bring the data scattered across 180 databases to one single platform for providing a holistic view. Our client, a leading IT company, provides services to UK government for its operation in more than 180 countries using different applications.For each country a separate database was being managed and maintained at different data centers across the globe. Reporting mechanism was in place for each country to provide Management with parameters which can help them to make effective decisions. The Reporting mechanisms, however, failed to achieve the purpose of providing complete and comparative view of each country’s operations with respect to other countries; as the number of reports was specific to a country and the reporting was spread across 23 such reports for each country.
June 30, 2016

Automating Process Flow Increasing Accountability

Our client a Digital Media Company were taking new initiative in view of acquiring more customers and providing better and more services to already existing customers. Overall the initiatives were driven around better customer experience which will result in revenue growth. Client realized that there was no tracking mechanism which can clearly depict the actual status of new initiatives taken. Accountability and Performance issues were existing and there was no clear way to find reason for delay happening. Even if the initiative is stalled the reason behind it to was not clear. Initiatives were running at its own pace overshooting allocated cost and time. Client realized a need for a automated workflow which can track down initiative at each stage and also assign people and timeline to each stage.