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January 8, 2015
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Automating Process Flow Increasing Accountability

Automating Process Flow Increasing Accountability


Our client a Digital Media Company were taking new initiative in view of acquiring more customers and providing better and more services to already existing customers. Overall the initiatives were driven around better customer experience which will result in revenue growth. Client realized that there was no tracking mechanism which can clearly depict the actual status of new initiatives taken. Accountability and Performance issues were existing and there was no clear way to find reason for delay happening. Even if the initiative is stalled the reason behind it to was not clear. Initiatives were running at its own pace overshooting allocated cost and time. Client realized a need for a automated workflow which can track down initiative at each stage and also assign people and timeline to each stage. Client engaged Sagacity for automating the whole process. Sagacity analyzed the existing process for new initiatives and suggested improvements to Client with the existing way of working. Client accepted these changes and then came the task of defining each stage, group of people for each stage and triggers for moving from one stage to other and escalation mechanism at each stage. Only thing left was to have the process automated for which Sagacity used SharePoint technology .Once deployed into production the already running initiative were also brought into the developed SharePoint system. Performance and Accountability were drastically improved which client also started feeling after 2 months from the time it went into production.

Client Profile

Digital Media Company in Middle East which is a joint venture of two major telecommunication companies.

Business Situation

Client was facing performance; accountability issue and budget overshoot for new initiatives as a result of all manual processes being in place. Overall organization revenue was impacted which created a need of process workflow system which can gauge accountability and streamline initiatives for timely delivery.

Key Challenges for Sagacity

  • Understanding the current process from the perspective of different business user.
  • Drafting a process to suit the needs of all the business users.
  • Making them aware of the new process and getting an agreement from them.
  • Frequent change request led to pressure on delivery timelines.
  • System should be user friendly keeping in mind the need of different business users.

Sagacity Solution

Sagacity analyzed the existing process and then drafted the new requirements to meet the need of all the business users. Once the requirements were agreed from the Client we implemented the workflow process using the SharePoint technology. As Client wanted to achieve this automation in a very less time Sagacity decided to go with SharePoint technology. Client was familiar with the technology, already had available infrastructure and out of the box features available in Share-Point would reduce the development time frame. Milestones were set and interactions at each milestone were being held with different business users to make them feel comfortable to system. Also changes suggested by Business users were entertained and incorporated.


  • Project helped the organization to analyze the projects and approve for their implementation based on the value it brings to organization.
  • Management can track the project status and their schedule. This also helps the management to understand the resource utilization and their load.
  • Dashboards and reports helps management to look at various dimensions of the project data and helps to take any action based on the insights.