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July 5, 2016

How we turned Travelling from being outdoors and brought it online on your screens.

How we turned Travelling from being outdoors and brought it online on your screens.


We at Sagacity Software had a great opportunity of working on an interesting project where we had to create an online presence for our client. The client required an online store front to sell his services to customers and capitalize on the benefits e-presence has to offer. We used “Shopify” to set up the e-commerce portal. Shopify was leveraged well to execute the task. In the process our team could get good hands - on experience with the nitty-gritties of Shopify. The online portal was set up sequence by sequence and could be executed within a narrow time frame.

Client Profile

The client operates in the activity & adventure based tourism business catering to their local as well as global clients seeking a wholesome travelling experience.

Key Challenges for Sagacity

  • The client’s business was in budding stages and hence we were in need of a solution which would increase their presence amongst a matured market place. We deliberated on an online portal, gauging the pros and cons it had to offer.
  • The online portal had to be put into function within a short time frame.

Sagacity Solution

The crucial responsibility of designing the online portal effectively and in a short span of time was competently shouldered by the team of experts at Sagacity Softwares. We decided to use a relatively new but recognized platform, Shopify, to build the online platform for the enterprise. Shopify, has a convenience of editing the HTML, CSS tags, create payment gateways, customized storefronts and much more beyond description. Sagacity Software’s team began with a basic understanding of the platform, getting accustomed to it and started creating the portal in a stepwise manner. Shopify, apart from the HTML and CSS mark ups, uses Liquid- a special programming language to insert dynamic content into the website. Advantages of Liquid are that these are SEO driven searches, and serves a customized experience for various visitors of the portal. A payment gateway was set up which enabled the client to accept payments from worldwide credit cards without a need for creating any third party account. Another feature of our work was supplementing the portal with responsive web design (RWD) or responsive theme. It allowed the portal to be navigated smoothly across various screen sizes, browsers or devices. The essential areas of the portal, such as ‘ABOUT US’, ‘CART’ etc., could be browsed optimally. With Shopify, we could reduce the speed time to market considerably and the 1st version of the website was up and running within 25 days.

The client was very delighted with the work, the dedicated and committed team members and the results of the endeavor. This led to increase in client’s faith and trust in us.

Benefits Derived

  • The client benefitted largely due to the online presence. The content management system helped to keep a track on the customer information and control the content pages of the portal.
  • Since the responsibility of managing its online store was taken up by the team of experts at Sagacity Software, the client could focus on its core competency which was rendering the travel services of its business to its customers.
  • The online portal helped the client to chart global territories also, by serving the travelers from foreign as well as local nations.