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July 5, 2016
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July 8, 2016

Revenue Growth through Process Improvement

Revenue Growth through Process Improvement


The Client was delighted with the size, scope and the focus of the program handled by the support team of Sagacity Softwares. The program was unprecedented for an alternative service provider and extremely challenging for the client to handle without the proper assistance from the support team of Sagacity Softwares. The R & D Staff of the client was facing problems while managing support activities. New developments and new enhancements were somehow overlooked due to the diversity and volume of work involved. We have now set up a technical support team to look into all support activities of the client. This has helped the client to concentrate on their R & D as well as manage all the support activities effectively and efficiently.

We at Sagacity Softwares always aim at making our client’s business lucrative and profitable with our technical and professional expertise. Our endeavors have helped the client enhance his business, bring down the costs, increase their revenue, reduce customer attrition rate and in turn we have proved beneficial for the growth for our client’s business.

Client Profile

The Company is an alternative provider of telecommunication services. The company operates through two divisions. The advanced communication unit offers broadband VOIP services for businesses as well as interactive voice response IVR and other related services.

Business Situation

Most of the R & D time of the client was spent on support activities rather than new business enhancements resulting into impediment growth and profits. We proposed to handle the support activities with our expert team. This helped the R&D team of the client to completely focus on new enhancements, feature development and applications development, that was somehow taking backseat on account of increased the support activities

Key Challenges for Sagacity

  • The client R&D team was handling support activities as well. As a result new enhancements and developments was somehow overlooked, resulting into increasing competitiveness in the market due to less focus on research projects. The key challenge for us was to provide them a well versed team of expert professional to handle the support activities.
  • Key challenge for us at Sagacity Softwares was based on principle of “Preventing rather than recovering”, and this has helped us fix the problem before they started their operations for the prospective customers.
  • During inception phase our client was losing revenue, so key challenge before us was to reduce their operational cost, and to derive them towards profitable growth.
  • To provide ‘revenue assurance solution’ to the client was one more key challenge for us

Sagacity Solution

  • Expert team of Sagacity Softwares has provided support activities for system application which was initially handled by their R&D team. This has helped our client to prioritize and organize their activities. Now the R&D team can focus full-fledged on developing new products, new product launches, adding new and advanced features to the existing one, and other activities.
  • We at Sagacity Softwares have focused on pre - identifying the problems. We have taken initiative to launch “Prevention rather than recovering”, an automated system to send the notifications to our client before customers notify them.
  • The team at Sagacity Softwares has been instrumental in setting up contemporary and more valuable billing model and communication platform. These changes and up-gradations have considerably reduced the operating cost of our client.


We have provided integrated support to matchup our client’s requirements and this proved to be very beneficial for our client.
  • We helped our client to reduce their cost by 25 %
  • Our aggressive strategy has paved way for enhancements in business, resulting in application development, feature development, new product development, and new product launches. Our endeavors have helped our client achieve profitable growth.
  • Our client has gained a competitive edge with our customer centric approach. We have helped our client to deliver outstanding customer experience to drive maximum customer satisfaction.