Consulting & QA

Consulting & QA

Reduction of operation cost is the prime challenge and concern of businessmen in the Telecom Sector. This is affected only by a prudent thought process so that IT spending is in alignment with the business goals. Consultants at Sagacity Software design strategies and solutions in accordance to the client’s business requirements and the standards of the Telecom Industry (e-TOM and SID).

We have gained expertise in facing the current challenges of Next Generation Operating Support System (NGOSS) and providing best technical solutions which are cost effective and contemporary in business. We expertise in sighting and suggesting new areas of opportunities based on analysis of overall business operation and presenting solutions forecasting increased revenues.

Sagacity Software Testing

A renowned personality has said and we quote, “Discovering the unexpected is more important than confirming the known”. We at Sagacity Software conduct a comprehensive testing and Quality Assurance procedures. We believe that Quality and Excellence drive the businesses to success. The big step after developing software and web applications is testing. Experts at Sagacity Software work with much enthusiasm, zeal and within the guidelines of performance; when developing the software, applications and processes. Still they leave no stone unturned in the testing process of the same to ensure complete elimination of flaws and errors. Our test engineers are equipped with intuitiveness for the testing processes so that they become the apt end users of the apps or the software.

We at Sagacity Software conduct Web Interface Testing, System Integrated Testing and User Acceptance Testing Procedures, all of which are very critical and important to ensure correct functionality, stability and usability of the products for the client and their customers.

Web interface testing can save on the precious time your users may spend browsing your website in vain and can earn your interface worthy points. System Integrated Testing evaluates compliance of system components to ensure correct integration of the system and subsystem processes and removes glitches occurring during data exchanges. User Acceptance testing help to test software and applications in the real-world scenarios and ensures smooth running within the specified environment.

HIGHLIGHTS of Our Testing Approach

  • Over 4000 man hours dedicated into testing.
  • Sagacity Software possess proven framework for automated testing which are either data driven or keyword driven or may be a hybrid of both.
  • We work with several purchase and open source frameworks such as HP QTP, UFT, Test Complete, Selenium etc.
  • Overwhelmed with reusable test repositories we deliver and abide by the timelines, duplicate accurate test results for the clients over and over again or those within the same domain.
  • Bug tracking through Bugzilla, JIRA etc.
  • Our clients range from those into telecom, Healthcare, online trading systems, capital markets, banking

If you aspire to elevate your business to next level and deliver little surprises around every corner, let’s talk to uncover how best we can go further.