Database Development Services

Database Development Services

Small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs) with employee strength around 50-200 and IT staff on an average from 10-40 have a tendency of ignoring database specific activities in their production processes. We at Sagacity, offer Database Development Services in India and Solutions to clients throughout the entire World.

For SMEs hiring a database administrator and database performance engineer consultant may not be commercially justified for databases. Hence, the enterprises will generally hire these experts during first setup and intermittently as required, that is if there is any problem to be resolved. This situation becomes more problematic when enterprise is running multiple databases with various combinations like oracle, mysql, PostgreSQL or any other combination of RDBMS. Hiring multiple database administration consultants would be highly costly. Even part time DBA and performance engineer may not be cost effective for such enterprises.

Sagacity offers customized Database Development in India at cost effective to ensure growth and success of our clients’ business.

Our Offerings

Performance Tuning
Database Migration
Database Upgrades
Backup & Breakup

We foresee following problems:

  • Small and medium enterprise do not prefer spending money and time on full time DBA/performance engineer as money versus value ratio is not justified.
  • As a general practice, few IT enthusiastic staff will learn and manage DBA and performance of database along with their present work.
  • The expertise gained by such employees may not be enough to handle the problem situations. They may risk consuming their time and resources; this approach impacts both their existing work and database.
  • Such a reactive approach, serves no value due to lack of regular maintenance of database and accountability during problem situations,

It is prudent to have proactive rather than reactive solutions for these problems. We at Sagacity Software created a pool of experts who can help these enterprises in the following ways:

  • Setting backup and recovering for various database like oracle, mysql, postgres.
  • Daily monitoring of the databases and identifying slow and long running queries.
  • Suggesting on how to improve performance of these queries.
  • Restore database once in a month to check data for problems in restoration.


  • Customer do not have to worry about hiring full time resources, the team at Sagacity software would provide shared resources where experts would be allocated to few customers based on size and number of databases.
  • We leverage time zone difference. Hence, the customer can save overtime paid to regular employee or to consultant.
  • Our services would prove to be economical and valuable, providing maximum ROI.

If you aspire to elevate your business to next level and deliver little surprises around every corner, let’s talk to uncover how best we can go further.