Simplicité Platform is a universal aPaaS Cloud platform designed to create custom strategic, agile & cost-effective enterprise applicatiuons or SaaS. With the platform you can cover 100% on the business needs. The platform allows integration of multiple process thanks to API.

Which Business applications for who?


The business now-a-days has got in the fast. This is the reason Small and Medium Enterprises (SME’s) needs customised software solutions. Business have their own peculiarities; based on the described platform we can develop customised HR, CRM, Sales, Wok-flow and other software solutions. even industry-wise there could be project based businesses, retailer’s manufacturers, logistic companies, finance company’s banks, manufacturing etc. to bring an analogy it’s like different species of trees having different leaf types. Now, multiply the industry wise business with their typical needs. Further, estimate the costs required to replace and re-build or calibrate constant changing needs.


Typically, here comes in SIMPLICITE. It uses the aPASS platform to Build Business Application that fulfils 100% of strategic and customised software solution needs and specific needs of various SMEs. It covers the whole Application Life Cycle Management (ALM) and guarantees seamless continuity between the business needs, design, development, project-management and testing usage and operation. The users can give live feed-back using social platforms and be a part of development.


WE ARE THE CHANNEL PARTNERS AND IMPLEMENTERS FOR SIMPLICITE for various “Human Resource software/ solutions, Sales solutions / software’s, CRM and ERP software’s. We are typically looking at the SMALL & MEDIUM ENTERPRISES (SME’S: having turnover of 50-100 mln.) and investment in plant & machinery up-to 50 mlln. Rs.) and finance companies as well. We understand their limitations on capex spending but require the faster processing of data and processes to take tactical and business decisions. They really need this software solutions to fit their scale of operations even if it scaled up or run down.


People still believe that the aPASS is just like other cloud based services but it is still evolving and is state-of the art as far as the cloud hosting and development is concerned. It is really a cloud based middle ware software solution development interface. Moreover, the SIMPLICITE platform can integrate the existing IT resources and be compliant with your cloud strategy.


With cloud based services companies will have to invest least amount into IT resources. With cloud based virtual machines you can start up-front plug and play. In case of design of software solutions, a robust RFP can hit the bulls eye in the first pass. Typically, the SME’s can leverage this and also stop worrying about data security and hand over at the end of the service period. Given the myriad requirements of people’s habits business environment and the legal compliances many of the customers require customization’s and new software solutions. This is better delivered with the aPASS platform.


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Business side :

  • Full cover of business needs
  • Accurate social collaboration
  • Operating efficiency thanks to the generic mechanisms of the platform
  • Low training efforts when the application evolve
  • Express your need and give your real time user feedback
  • Business versatile : evolution of applications to reflect any change with your deadline and an under control cost.
  • Real time feed- back
  • Scalability and versatility

Project manager side :

  • Use case test
  • Traceability between business needs and settings done by the team
  • Management for functional scopes, versioning applications
  • Management of scope expansion and life cycle management.
  • Easy follow-up and resolution of tickets and product enhancement.
  • Business needs translate in use case and implementation needs.
  • Task affectation follow up of the progress
  • Final follow-up and steering of the user feedback, the demands of evolution and tickets anomalies

Builder/designer of application :

  • Addition of complex management rules.
  • Quick configuration of the logical models thanks to the right and management rules.
  • Simple administration user’s profiles, rights and rules management.
  • Design for state diagrams and complex workflows of activity.
  • Development of the internal additional pages and external alternatives HMI ( website et mobile applications ) respecting the business.
  • Multiple mechanisms for integration of application for the existing IT. API/REST.
  • Flow diagrams of complex work- flow.

Once the application is in production :

  • Supervision of the technical parameters for the plateform (use of the memory, cache-control, logs, etc.).
  • Supervision key indicatores and statistics use
  • Anticipation for new for adaptatives ressources
  • Management users sessions, strategic tasks, imports / exports of data, etc...

Production :

  • Supervision of the technical parameters of the platform.
  • Supervision of key parameters.
  • Anticipation for efficient of resources.
  • Management of user sessions, strategic tasks and import and export of data.

Values offered by Simplicite:

  • Furthermore, it’s agile allows rapid up-scaling and run down.
  • It is generic and versatile it actually builds the application according to your needs.
  • This is a proven and a reliable platform and is being evolving since 2006.

If you aspire to elevate your business to next level and deliver little surprises around every corner, let’s talk to uncover how best we can go further.