Strategic Sourcing

Strategic Sourcing

Traditionally off-shoring started as cost cutting tool for organizations and in last 15- 20 years companies started off-shoring everything possible. Important projects involving communications, critical business processes were off-shored. However, many project witnessed complete or part failure.

The objective of off-shoring was peer pressure and fear of losing in the competition. It was therefore, seen as a bulk activity instead of a global strategy for growth and cost cutting.

Our team at Sagacity Software understands time zone differences, communication problems, resources issues and other challenges which customers have to face in off-shoring jobs. We understand and value the opinion regarding off-shoring to India. We also understand customers’ problems and strongly believe that off-shoring should not be planned during inception phase of any project, product, business direction or organization.

Sagacity team considered Strategic Sourcing Company in India from supply chain management, where it has been defined as “Procurement process that continuously improves and reevaluates the purchasing activities of company”, and modified it to fit in to a better and reliable offshoring activity.

We work on strategic sourcing as following:

Design team structure with clear job accountabilities
Create right type of infrastructure for team collaboration
Understand if agility or scale is a required parameter
Continuous feedback, monitoring and change to make it a success.
Identify key attributes for success of project
Decide off-shoring project area based on analysis and plan it as a strategy
To find out if the requirements are crystal clear and process are well thought of and designed
Run through an analysis to identify, if near-shoring or off-shoring could be better

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